Review – Ultrabland by Lush

Ultrabland AJ

Dry and sensitive, acne prone – primarily hormonal; eczema prone.

Ultrabland by Lush, cream cleanser, £25.95/225g.

Ultrabland is the first cream cleanser I have ever tried and – spoiler alert! – have fallen madly in love with. This discovery was life changing for my skin, and it was before I had the vaguest idea that double cleansing is a thing. Funnily enough, the sales assistant at my local Lush gave me a sample to apply around my hairline when I dyed my hair with their henna. I never used it for that purpose because I completely forgot I had it, so when I dug it out of the depths of my skincare cabinet I looked up what it is and how to use it. And thus the love affair commenced.

I’m a huge fan of responsibly sourced bee byproduct use in skincare – my skin responds well to their bacteria and fungus fighting properties. Beeswax and honey are among my favourite ingredients in this cleanser; I find them nourishing and soothing on my skin, and I firmly believe that both these ingredients have helped calm my acne and dryness. On top of this sweet almond oil is my favourite mixing oil for the oil cleansing method, and rose water is my favourite hydrator. So in conclusion, Lush gathered all my favourite ingredients and threw them all in one pot to create my Holy Grail cream cleanser.

This is a really simple and basic cleanser that delivers fantastic results. I’ve been using it for my double cleanse for over a year now and as tempting as other options on the market seem at times, I have no intention to change it out anytime soon. Ultrabland is buttery smooth and glides onto the skin like a dream. I lightly spread it over my face for as long as I feel the need to – sometimes I’ll indulge in a little massage, sometimes I just want to take off my makeup and get to sleep ASAP – and take it off with a wet cotton pad until I’m clean and then I follow with my gel cleanser. Ultrabland effectively removes all face makeup and SPF, but struggles with heavy eye makeup and liquid lipstick. It leaves my skin feeling nourished and fresh, and over time it has helped to balance my complexion and combat a lot of the dryness and acne.

It can smell a little funky sometimes – to me, reminiscent of a sizzling sausage. It doesn’t bother me at all and the smell doesn’t linger. I would say it takes some getting used to making the best of Ultrabland, as to begin with I always found myself with an oily residue on my skin. But with practice I got the hang gauging exactly how much product I need and how to effectively remove it.

This is a beautiful cleanser and I’m forever grateful for the lucky discovery. I think it’s very effective both in cleansing and caring for the skin. However, it needs extra help on those days when I wear heavier makeup – which I’m okay with. I appreciate that it’s available in three different sizes and that I can return the pots it comes in to exchange for a face mask. All in all, I highly recommend this to everyone.

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