Review – Pure Skin Face Wash by Balance Me

Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash

Dry and sensitive, acne prone – primarily hormonal; eczema prone.

Pure Skin Face Wash by Balance Me, £16.00/125ml, gel cleanser.

Another accidental discovery in the cleansing world, Pure Skin Face Wash quickly found its way into my skincare routine and the depths of my heart. Upon my hairdresser’s recommendation last year I subscribed to Birchbox for a few months and this was one of the first items that was sent to me. My skin was not happy at all at the time and I was frankly terrified of putting anything new on my face, but having a weakness for products of natural origin, I was convinced by the “99% Natural” claim on the bottle.

I find this face wash akin to an oil cleanser, but in gel format. Rice bran oil, which is the fourth ingredient in this cleanser, is a popular option for the oil cleansing method especially in Japanese skincare. It’s rich in fatty acids and vitamins E and B, making it very moisturising and an excellent choice for targeting concerns of ageing and acne. Other ingredients in the Pure Skin Face Wash like glycerin, aloe vera leaf extract and moringa seed oil add to the moisturising properties of this little gem. Although free from fragrance, this cleanser has a distinct herbal scent that some might find off putting (I am not to be counted among them, I find the scent refreshing); it is achieved with the use of several flower oils which can irritate extra sensitive skin types. On me however this product has been nothing but a dream.

I especially love this face wash for my second cleanse after using Ultrabland, but if I was left with no other options for everything else, I would be more than satisfied with this offering. When applied to the skin it glides effortlessly whether you wet your face first or not (I’m the former type) and the slip allows for a massage if you’re feeling indulgent – I find the scent would go well with that little treat. It’s gentle enough to be used directly on the eyes, yet effective enough to remove any residue from the first cream cleanse. If you don’t double cleanse, this on its own will struggle to remove all your makeup or sunscreen. It rinses off with ease leaving behind no residue, only comfortable feeling and nourished skin.

I cannot imagine life without this cleanser. I have been faithful to it for about 9 months and during this time my skin has become more balanced, thus clearer and less dry. I like to try out new things and I don’t like hoarding too many products that perform the same function, but Pure Skin Face Wash is exempt from this rule. The fear of breaking out from a new cleanser is greater than the nuisance of finding a place to store it, so I like to have at least one back up of this at all times – you know, just in case.


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