Review – UV Super Moisture Milk by Skin Aqua

Dry and sensitive, acne prone – primarily hormonal; eczema prone.

UV Super Moisture Milk by Skin Aqua, facial sunscreen, £11.62/100ml.

This won’t take long. I don’t like it. It broke me out, and when I used it on my chest I burned.

Let’s talk about the positives. This Japanese cult favourite has SPF50+ with a PA rating of ++++ – every skincare junkie’s dream. Though tiny and a bit of an eye sore, the bottle is well made, light, sleek, it has a squeezy nozzle and the cap screws on nicely without any trouble. The product is runny in consistency – indeed, like milk – and feels like a very light lotion going on the skin. Because of this applying a large amount isn’t a bothersome chore, which can often be the issue with sunscreens. It absorbs well without leaving a white cast, and my favourite thing about this is that it contains no alcohol or fragrance – heaven for my dry skin. One of the greatest highlights of this sunscreen is no drying alcohol which is near impossible to find in Asian sunscreen.

On the negative side I feel that the Moisture Milk made me a little bit greasy, which I think must have been the cause of my breaking out. I don’t know what it is, but while applying it it feels wonderfully moisturising yet something feels terribly off. Makeup did not wear well with this and I pilled around my hairy areas (hairline, brows). In the end this broke me out and I delegated it to body use, but it’s proven to be nothing more than a light lotion.

A brief look through the ingredient list brings no suspects to my attention that could indicate why I reacted to this. I’m also shocked that I burned with it, as I know this to be a favourite product of many people around the globe. Admittedly I bought this on Amazon, so perhaps it was an expired product… I don’t know, but this experience had been bad enough to make me not want to buy it again, especially as I’ve found a favourite since.

Again, in a nutshell, I simply don’t like Moisture Milk and enjoy very little about it. I’m going to assume it’s down to my skin being particularly finicky, because I’ve only seen good reviews about it thus fat. I will not repurchase this sunscreen and based on my experience I would not recommend it to anyone else either.

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