Review – Extreme Senstive SPF50+ by Ultrasun

Ultrasun Body

Dry and sensitive, acne prone – primarily hormonal; eczema prone.

Extreme Sensitive SPF50+ by Ultrasun, body sunscreen, £22/100ml.

This is exciting, because this bottle is empty! Despite not getting a lot of daily exposure I have been trying really hard to keep up with my sun protection during the heat wave we’re having in the UK. I feel that this empty bottle is testament to my dedication; I am proud!

Ingredients and Texture
To keep it brief, this sunscreen is a physical and chemical hybrid formulated to be suitable for sensitive skin. This means it does not contain several potential irritants, but the ones I’m most excited about are no fragrance, mineral oil, or octinoxate – my Number 1 chemical to avoid in sunscreen. What is included are botanical extracts to nourish the skin and antioxidants to increase the skin’s ability to protect itself against outside aggressors.

In texture this cream is quite scary upon application – it’s like a thick lotion that takes some work to rub in, but it’s manageable. It’s difficult to tell, because I am very fair of skin tone, but on me this cream does not leave a white cast. In fact I kind of enjoy the fact that it takes a while to rub this cream in, because it helps to see how well you’re covering your skin, and after several seconds it absorbs completely. I find that I can feel it on my skin throughout the day, but it’s not suffocating. It will DEFINITELY get sticky when you get sweaty, but then again, you’ll be sticky with or without sunscreen – or at least I will be.

The packaging is great – simple but effective. It features an airless pump that not only preserves the product, but also ensures that you get every drop of it, and the bottle is made of sturdy and opaque plastic that again, preserves the product within. The bottle comes in a cardboard box which has a plethora of information printed on the inside walls, eliminating the need for wasteful leaflets that realistically no one ever reads. My favourite part is the instructions with recommended application.

Ultrasun Guide

As the majority of the population does not use enough product to warrant adequate protection, this is not only important but also very useful for the average consumer. I certainly have found it handy and it enlightened me about how much I should use.

If you haven’t been aware, here in the UK we have been having a crazy heat wave for the past couple of months and the sun is intense. As I’ve mentioned earlier, my skin is very fair in skin tone and although I do not burn crazy easily, the sun we’ve been enjoying would fry me up momentarily.

Since purchasing this sunscreen and wearing it daily I have not a trace of tan anywhere on my skin. I’ve had co-workers ask me if I stay indoors all day to avoid burning. I have strangers gush in disbelief at how fair I am remaining during this summer weather. Honestly, I’m a little shocked too, but very, very happy. As a bonus, after taking a shower my skin is soft and nourished after wearing this sunscreen. I have had absolutely no irritation whatsoever with it, so it certainly lives up to the “sensitive” claim.

I am very, very impressed. I was prepared for this cream to work well and keep me safe from burning based on my experience with the Facial Anti-Spot & Anti-Pollution Fluid SPF50+ from Ultrasun, but I wasn’t expecting to remain as pale as I would be in the dead of winter. I don’t enjoy the sticky feeling I get in intense heat, therefore I’ve decided to look for an alternative option to use on days when I have little sun exposure – eg. work days with not much more than the brief commute to and from work. But for days out on the beach, in the garden, in town, with a lot of time out in the sun, this will be my go to. 100% worth every penny.

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