What I Am Starting With – Skincare – My 2019 “No Buy”

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New Year, new me, right? Well, not exactly.

I am a perfectionist and I like things to have a clear beginning, middle and end, so posting this on the first day of the New Year is almost symbolical to me. But I don’t share the view that the New Year will bring a New Me with it. I am the same person who is going to work on her flaws and try to better herself, to become a better version of what I already am.

Today I am starting to share with you the products that I currently own within the categories that my “No Buy” applies to. The first category is skincare, which I have broken down into further 10 subcategories: make-up remover, cleanser, scrub, actives, hydrator, serum, eye care, moisturiser, facial SPF, mask.

What I Am Starting With

Below is a breakdown of the numbers of what I currently own. I will not type out here each exact product by name, but it is something I have written by hand in my bullet journal, which I am using to help me track my progress. If you are doing an inventory of your own, or are planning any type of No or Low Buy, I strongly encourage you to do this as it hammers in the magnitude of what you have. Numbers alone don’t have the same effect.

Things that I have not included in this list are items that I did not purchase, that do not belong to me, and that are not my responsibility, but that I do use from time to time. In other words, products that I share with my mum, but which are hers more than mine. In contrast there are products we share in equal parts or even I use the majority of; those are included here.

MAKE-UP REMOVER – 3 day (for fixing mistakes while applying make-up), 3 night (heavy duty removal)

CLEANSER – 3 first cleansers, 8 second cleansers (4 of them are samples)

SCRUB – 2 scrubs (1 of them is a sample)

ACTIVES – 3 acid products, 8 vitamin C products, 1 retinol product

HYDRATOR – 10 products (1 of them is a sample)

SERUM – 6 products (2 of them are samples)

EYE CARE – 8 products (3 of them are samples)

MOISTURISER – 13 creams (7 of them are samples), 5 oils (3 of them are samples), 2 heavy duty (1 of them is a sample)

FACIAL SPF – 5 products (1 of them is a sample)

MASK – 11 products (1 of them is a sample)

TOTAL – 91 products, (24 of them are samples)

This means I have 67 full sized products across 10 different categories. That’s a lot of product.

Reflecting On What I Have

Before inventorising my stash I had hoped that I would be able to reduce what I own down to the bare necessities in about 6 months’ time, but seeing these numbers black on white makes me think otherwise. If I stick to my “No Buy” as I intend to, I estimate that I won’t need to buy any more product – at least in some of the categories – for another 12-18 months.

My top three areas of concern are moisturiser, vitamin C, and eye care.

Moisturisers for the sheer amount of product I have, although it’s also a category I work relatively quickly through. The fact that around half of them are samples isn’t hugely comforting, because I’ve already learned them to take a surprisingly long time to finish.

Vitamin C, again, because I have so much, and because it’s an ingredient prone to expiring. Only 2 of my 8 products contain pure L-Ascorbic Acid and they are both sealed, so I am not too worried about them, but the thought of them sitting in my stash makes me uncomfortable. This is definitely a category I am going to be paying extra close attention to.

Eye care, at a glance doesn’t look too terrible. Only 5 full sized products should be easy, right? Wrong. I already have the knowledge that samples last a tremendously long time. Most recently it took me a month of twice daily use to finish a deluxe sized sample. And I have 5 full sized products. This is mildly terrifying. I feel like I’m drowning in eye creams already.

Exceptions From The Rules

In my introduction I have outlined the initial rules to my “No Buy” and I would like to refer to two of them here:

  • I am NOT allowed to buy a product until I am down to the last one in its category, with some exceptions.
  • I AM allowed to shop sales for backups of my Holy Grail products if it’s in a category I work through quickly.

Upon reflection I see that the first rule really applies to the second – the exceptions are the Holy Grails.

The clear and definite Holy Grails at this present moment are:

  • Akamuti RosewaterHydrator – This is one of very few products that I allow myself to buy in bulk, and the reason is simple: it’s irreplaceable in my skincare routine, I use it consistently, and it’s cheaper for me to buy in bulk.
  • Benton Aloe Propolis Soothing GelHydrator – Another staple in my routine that I have written about here, but more easily replaceable than the Akamuti Rosewater; though not by choice. It fills a step in my routine that I refuse to take out, but currently it’s filled with another product that does the job okay. Now is the time to keep an eye out for a bargain, because I want this with me at all times.
  • The Hero Project Vit C-30Actives (vitamin C) – This is by far the best vitamin C I have ever tried, and one of few that I see to actually bring me visible results. The first time I bought it was a lucky find at TKMaxx for a reduced price. As I work near one of the stores, every now and then I pop in to see if I can get a back up and save money on it, because I know that I will for 100% repurchase it one day. Having said that, reflecting on the observations I made on my areas of concern above, I think I will stop this habit until I reduce my stock of vitamin C products by at least half.
  • The Body Shop Japanese Matcha Tea Pollution Clearing MaskMask – Truly tried and tested not just by me, but also by my mum, and a firm favourite with both of us in the cleansing mask compartment. Normally this never goes on any kind of sale, but twice I have been able to get it at a reduced price, and if another such opportunity arises I will snatch it up before anyone else can.

And this is it for today. I have a feeling that I’m missing out a few Holy Grails. But then again, if they don’t come to mind immediately they can’t be that important. We will learn in the months to come.

The next post will be a continuation of me sharing what I have, this time in bodycare and haircare. Both these categories are not as full as skincare, so I will combine them before tackling The Beast – Make-Up.

Anna Jo B.

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