What I Am Starting With – Bodycare + Haircare – My 2019 “No Buy”

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I hope the new year is treating you all well so far. I’ve had a difficult start myself, having to struggle through an illness and a bout of pretty poor mental stability. But I’m finding my feet again and diving into things that bring me joy and peace, which in turn gives me hope for the near future.

I’m back to spill the beans and share with you how much product I own within a category applicable to my 2019 “No Buy”. Today’s victims are bodycare and haircare. As I don’t have an overwhelmingly large amount of product in either of these categories I have decided to combine the two into one post.

As with the skincare list, I have broken down bodycare and haircare into further subcategories: showering, treatment, moisturising, body SPF and deodorant for bodycare; wet washing, dry shampoo, oil and styling for haircare.

What I Am Starting With

Below is a breakdown of the numbers of what I currently own. I will not type out here each exact product by name, but it is something I have written by hand in my bullet journal, which I am using to help me track my progress. If you are doing an inventory of your own, or are planning any type of No or Low Buy, I strongly encourage you to do this as it hammers in the magnitude of what you have. Numbers alone don’t have the same effect.

Things that I have not included in these lists are items that I did not purchase, that do not belong to me, and that are not my responsibility, but that I do use from time to time. In other words, products that I share with my mum, but which are hers more than mine. In contrast there are products we share in equal parts or even I use the majority of; those are included here.

Additionally I have one shampoo and one conditioner which I did not include in my final count. The reason for this is because I have barely enough for a wash or two in each and they were both transferred into travel bottles, so currently they stand in my cupboard without names. They are the first in line to be used up, but adding them to my list would have been futile.

I am happy to report that only yesterday I have already removed a few items from haircare! I’m giving myself a small pat on the back for this small achievement. I am a #CurlyGirl and this year I am starting the Curly Girl/Guy Method, aka. CGM. CGM limits the amount of ingredients in haircare that I can use and last night I used up the remainder of my non-CGM shampoo. This means that as of next wash I can get more serious about CGM, which in turn means that several styling products I have are no longer suitable. Some are going to my sister, some to my mum, and some I will donate to Give And Makeup. Nothing will be thrown away.


SHOWERING – 6 products

TREATMENT – 2 products

MOISTURISING – 6 products

BODY SPF – 3 products

DEODORANT – 4 products

TOTAL – 21 products


WET WASHING – 2 shampoos (1 of them is a sample), 2 conditioners (1 of them is a sample), 2 treatment masks

DRY SHAMPOO – 2 products

OIL – 1 product

STYLING – 4 products

TOTAL – 13 products (2 of them are samples)

All in all, I think this is pretty good – 34 full sized products and 2 samples across two categories is nothing compared to my 67 full sized products for the face alone. I feel this is manageable and that within 6 months I should decrease the numbers above by about 40%. I am happy with this.

With the start of my CGM journey I will inevitably have to buy a clarifying shampoo, which will take place in the next week or two. I might also find myself needing some styling products as my current selection is rather sparse. But before I make the decision to buy anything I will spend a long time with what I have already and I will do research before making any purchases.

Exceptions From The Rules

In my introduction I have outlined the initial rules to my “No Buy” and I would like to refer to two of them here:

  • I am NOT allowed to buy a product until I am down to the last one in its category, with some exceptions.
  • I AM allowed to shop sales for backups of my Holy Grail products if it’s in a category I work through quickly.

Upon reflection I see that the first rule really applies to the second – the exceptions are the Holy Grails.

I don’t really have any Holy Grails in bodycare or haircare. So this one is nice and easy – no exceptions, just get on with it.

And that is the total roundup for today. I’m excited to work my way through these products and discover more of what’s out there once I deplete my stocks.

The next time we meet will be to discuss the skeleton in the closet – The Beast, The Make-up. My skincare list won’t look so bad after I tackle this monster. I can’t wait!

Anna Jo B.

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