Review – Lash Impact Ultra by No7


Lash Impact Ultra by No7, £14.00/7ml, mascara.

To keep it short, I do not like this product. I’ve had good experience with No7 mascara in the past and was due a new tube so I had a look around and picked this to try out. It claims to instantly give bold lashes with clump-free, full bodied volume with no flaking or smudging.

The first thing that REALLY shook me was the smell – it smells like straight up industrial paint. It wasn’t making my eyes water or giving me any kind of reaction, so I didn’t mind, I was just surprised. The formula is very wet and a lot of product comes out on the wand so I had to wipe the majority of it off before applying to my lashes. Even after doing that I simply could not apply this mascara without it giving me spider leg lashes that remained wet for a good 30 minutes. It flaked and rubbed all around my eyes within an hour or two and at the end of the day I had a classic case of severe raccoon eyes. After about a week of trialing I gave up on it and decided to give the formula time to dry out.

Fast forward four months. The formula is much drier now and it’s the perfect consistency that applies like a dream. It really gave me impressive volume and length that looked like false lashes. However, an hour later the flaking and smudging ensued. This was, sadly, the nail in the coffin.

I have used this mascara 10-20 times and each time I was borderline disgusted with how I looked. I was really disappointed with the last attempt because it started out so well. For the price especially I think this is not worth it, I would not recommend it, and mine is going in the bin.